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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your December Horoscope by Susan Miller

Here is your Year Ahead 2015, all 12 signs about 3 minutes each in length. Make sure you click on your rising sign as well, for it is equally as important as your Sun sign (you would have had to have your chart done in order to know your rising sign).

Libra Forecast for December 2014

By Susan Miller

You have some of the very best news possible this month! On December 23, Saturn, the planet that teaches discipline, sacrifice, and patience, is finally leaving Scorpio and your second house of earned income. Ever since Saturn entered this house, your finances may have been tight. If you were employed, you found your employer to be tightfisted and not willing to give you a generous raise. If you lost your job, you may have found it hard to find a new position that paid a decent salary.

If you are self-employed, you found clients bulking at your reasonable estimates, making you realize your clients had not a clue about how much value you would build into the project you were doing for them. You may have tried to reason with them, to no avail, so you were forced to take on assignments with fees below your normal rate. If you tried to edge up your rates slightly, again you heard your clients resist.

No matter whether you were employed, unemployed, self-employed, retired, or on disability, over the past two years Saturn forced you to find a way to get more value from the money you had. This is not always easy, but apparently you learned how to do this, because you didn't have much choice. Once Saturn leaves, he will not be back to your earned income house for almost three decades, so Saturn tends to make his lessons quite indelible. You will carry your new financial smarts under your belt for decades, and you are all the wiser for having come through this period.

In ancient days, the astrologers likened this trend of Saturn in the second house to a time of famine, locusts, sand storms, and flood, but in modern days we call this trend simply a time of belt tightening. For most people, that is all it is, but try telling that to a family that lost their home this year in a tornado or a hurricane. I think about those painful situations when I write your forecasts. There is always a wide difference in how readers will experience any trend, and in part, it depends on the placements of planets in your natal chart. For some, the experience was mild, and for others, more extreme. It did not help that you had a series of eclipses that fell in your income sectors, and those often suggest change and adjustment. By now you know precisely how Saturn in Scorpio has affected you. What matters is that you are on your way to a much more prosperous life.

Now let's take a close look at December, because it will be chock full of goodies. When I studied this coming month, I was amazed how very positive it will be. The planets will be working overtime to delight you, especially in matters of love and friendship.

The full moon in Gemini at 14 degrees on December 6 may bring a distant trip, and it seems you will go quite spontaneously. Uranus will be sweetly angled, showering you with surprises. Your trip may be taken for any number of reasons, such as a trip to New York or Paris to shop for holiday gifts, or a getaway with your sweetheart to a gorgeous snowy landscape perhaps to ski together in Switzerland. Alternatively, your trip to a beautiful city might be done to complete a project for your work or to crystalize a deal. Jupiter is within the vicinity of this full moon in deep space, and while not close, Jupiter will be close enough to bring a touch of luxury to your trip. As you see, the reason you fly away doesn't matter - you will enjoy yourself and things will go well.

This full moon may have other treasures for you. If you don't travel, you may be on the phone with people at a distance, completing an important project. Or you may resolve an immigration / citizenship matter, or one involving visa, green card, or a passport. The ninth house, holding this full moon, also rules higher education, so you may be busy getting ready for your next semester at the university. (If so, this month it looks like you'll be able to sign up for the classes you want the most.)

If you work in the media, you may be finishing production on a TV show or movie, or putting your final touches on a document for a story to appear in a prestigious magazine. Legal matters will be finished too, and you should be pleased with the outcome. Keep in mind that all full moons, including this one of December 6, have an area of influence of plus or minus four days.

If your birthday falls on October 7 or 8, or within four days of this date, you will feel the benefits of this full moon with double strength. Alternatively, if you know your natal chart, have a look at it and look for any planet within five degrees of 14 degrees in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. If you see one, that planet will be receiving benefits too.

In terms of your love life, you have a gorgeous day, two days prior to the full moon, December 4. The Sun and Uranus will be working on your behalf, and bring Cupid and his little fleet of angels to generate romantic experiences to you that you won't expect. It doesn't matter if you are single or married, this day should brim with happy experiences. Venus, your ruler, will also be in conversation with Jupiter in Leo, making for a day you can do no wrong. This will be an ideal day to plan for any important action.

There is something else quite wonderful happening on December 4, in that Mars, the high-energy planet, will enter your fifth house of true love for the first time in two years. Mars will help you make a lot of new acquaintances, and your friends seem to have the right touch when matchmaking.

To see how outstanding Mars will be for you socially (whether you are single or attached), watch for over-the-top fun on December 20, when Mars will send a missive to Uranus. Whatever happens on this day will be completely unexpected, in the best sense. Couples who have tried to conceive a baby but have been disappointed may be thrilled near December 20 with news.

Mark down too, the weekend of December 13-14 as outstanding for giving a party or going to one. If you belong to a club, and they have holiday festivities, be sure to attend. You seem to be surrounded by many warm friends, for the Sun will reach out to Jupiter in your eleventh house. You may also travel over this weekend, this time to a nearby city or town. Everything about this weekend will be sprinkled with sugar and spice, and you will be surrounded with luxury.

Uranus, the ruler of your fifth house of love, pregnancy, birth, and the care of children, has been weak in retrograde since July 21, but will go direct on December 21. This will add quite a bit of zest to all that goes on in your private life this month. (Your fifth house rules adoption too.) Honestly, your love and social life could not be better, and all this comes in time for the holidays.

I have talked a lot about travel, but I must warn you that there is one day, December 24, that I hope you will not be at the airport or on the road. Mercury, ruling travel, will be in hard angle to Uranus, the planet or unpredictable events. I feel you may encounter bad weather or other reasons for delays. If you celebrate Christmas and are heading home, give yourself extra time, for cutting things too close to the holiday could cause disappointment and frustration. Christmas Day brings the transiting moon to Aquarius, a lovely place for the moon to be, so it should be a happy day for you.

Your home and family will become a huge focus on December 21, the new moon in Capricorn at a very powerful 0 degree, symbolic of the strength of the life force. Astrologers know this degree is an important one. At that time, migrating heavenly bodies, including the Sun, new moon, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto - half the solar system - will move into your fourth house of home and family.

You may be hosting many family members at your home, or, on the other end of the spectrum, you may be preparing to move December 31. You may be buying the perfect piece of furniture that you had been looking for a long time, and lo and behold, you may find that it is on sale. It's hard to say why you will be so enormously focused on your home and/or family - much more than usual - during the month's last ten days, but it is clear you will be completely focused there.

If you were born with the Sun in Libra within four days of September 22, or have a rising sign of 0 degrees in Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, you may be tense with family developments. For example, a member of your clan may become ill, and you will want to help, of course. Keep your schedule light just in case, or have contingency plans for those who can take over for you if your energy is needed elsewhere.


For a long time you may have been frustrated with your inability to appreciably raise your earned income. Now that will change, when the culprit, Saturn, finally leaves your second house of salary. Saturn has been on a mission since October 2012 to teach you to value the money you have, and to find ways to get more value with the money you spend. You also learned to speak up and negotiate more effectively for yourself, and became more motivated to uncover bargains whether at the grocery store, or when buying big-ticket items. The end of your financial tutoring from Saturn is upon you when Saturn leaves Scorpio this month on December 23.

Saturn will retrograde back to Scorpio, the place that tightened your purse strings, but only for thirteen weeks, June 14 to September 17, 2015, in my opinion, not long enough to create any new concerns. More money should begin to flow to you now. You've paid your cosmic dues, and you are now financially smarter, tougher, and more able to withstand the vicissitudes of life. All that you learned about money will carry you forward until 2041, at which time Saturn will return to refresh your cosmic MBA. A second visit from Saturn is always easier than the first, for you have already learned so much. (The last visit of Saturn to Scorpio before this was from November 1982 to November 1985.)

A project will need to be finished at the full moon, December 6, and you will be working up against that deadline. You can finish it, and if you have a team, everyone will rally around. Full moons are great for pulling many people together for a joint cause. With Uranus and Jupiter so friendly, it will come out far better than your expectations and earn you praise.

Friends will be worth their weight in gold, as there are several points in the month that will prove this to be true. Watch the weekend of December 12-13 when Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will signal the Sun, the center of the solar system and giver of strength. It's a weekend when you'll clearly see how much your friends believe in you and want you to be part of their festivities too.

More good news! On December 4 to January 12, Mars will tour your fifth sector of love / romance / parties / leisure activities / and matters related to pregnancy / birth and fun you have with your children. Mars will help you spice your social life from December 4 until January 12, making this holiday season worthy of five stars. You will feel the power of Mars over December 20, plus or minus one day, for it will be a day when love will sparkle with unexpected pleasures. You will be charming and able to enchant anyone in your path.

At month's end, your home will be the center of activity. Some Libras will be in the throes of moving or renovating, but considering the time of the year, you might alternatively be centered on entertaining friends and family at home. The new moon December 21, will appear in your home and family sector, and will brim with energy and luck. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to at home or to benefit a parent, for no less than FIVE heavenly bodies, including the Sun, new moon, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto, will crowd into this sector to help you shine.

You may have plans to move or fix up your present digs in the New Year, and if so you will be inspired by creative ideas that will occur to you this month. Many shops have sales on furniture, linens, and other accouterments you may need, so you may be able to find an amazing bargain just after the holidays are over.

This emphasis on family and home might bring tension if you have a birthday September 22 plus four days, or if you have a 0 degree rising of Libra, Aries, Capricorn, or Cancer. You may be concerned about your physical residence, other property, or a family member who may not be feeling well, most likely a parent. Mars will be well angled to your Sun or rising sign (if Libra) so don't be overly concerned - your good sense will prevail.

For New Year's Eve, after such an active month, you appear to want to opt for a very private celebration with "just us two." If you don't have a partner, then invite a few close friends over - you need not fuss. By month's end, above all, be good to yourself. Friends will enjoy just being with you. Lift a glass of champagne to toast a far better financial year ahead. Also, romantically, if single, you may meet your one true love this month, so be sure to mix and mingle. If you are attached, this month is peppered with fun. Life is about to look up, dear Libra!

Dates to Note:

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions Libra: 2, 3-6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 20-21, 23, 28, and 29.

On December 4, Mars will move into Aquarius until January 12, 2015, and will brighten your social life. If you have been hoping to meet a new love, Mars will make it happen. This is a marvelous trend, just in time for holiday parties.

The full moon in Gemini on December 6 may bring on a surprise need to travel quite far. Matter of immigration, passport, green card, and visa are all glowing. Getting ready to go back to college this coming semester? It looks like you will have chosen your classes, sent tuition, and done other paperwork to the university within four days of the full moon. If you work in the media, you'll be busy December 4 to 10, and projects will need to be wrapped up.

Venus will be in Capricorn from December 10 to January 3, 2015, and will inspire you to refresh your home. If you have wanted to decorate your home to make it cozy, Venus will motivate you to get busy, and to make elegant choices.

On December 15, Uranus and Pluto will be at odds - do not seed any new ventures on this day.

December 21's new moon in Capricorn will bring the very best time in all of 2015 to focus on your home. You can buy, sell, or rent property; begin a renovation; buy furniture; acquire a new appliance; paint; do repairs - you can choose.

December 24 is not a day to travel with Mercury in hard angle to Uranus. If heading home for Christmas, give yourself time, and leave a day or two early.

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